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Geriatric physiotherapy

Covers a wide area of problems concerning the elderly. There are many conditions that affect people as they grow old.
which includes:
• Arthritis
• Osteoporosis
• Hip replacement
• Knee replacement
• Balance disorder
• Incontinence
• Alzheimer's disease
• Cancer
Physiotherapist plays important role in enabling older people to use a number of body system to enhance mobility and independence.
Sadly in some situation neither improvement nor even maintenance of functional mobility can be achieved. In those cases physiotherapist can make a difference by helping older people to be comfortable and pain free.

Physiotherapist have worked to understand the problem of aging.

Problems in aging
• One category is the problem that a patient simply does not use their limbs or doesn't exercise and this problem can be addressed by the conditioning through range of motion and other exercises.
• Another category geriatric physiotherapy deals with his cardio vascular disease, like heart disease and stroke and can be addressed by the exercise , aqua therapy, electrical stimulation, and many more can be used.
• The third category is skeletal problem such as osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. These problem requires special attention as osteoporosis makes patient frailer, and osteoarthritis is very painful.
Geriatric physiotherapist is responsible for preventing many falls because they work with balance and gait.
geriatric physiotherapy is a proven means for older adults to improve mobility and balance , built strength , boost confidence in their physical abilities, and remain active over years.